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Tools - Welding - 1

Oxy-acetylene welding blow-pipe

Oxy acetylene cutting-tool holder or burner

Electric welding electrode holder


Welding: Principles and Applications By Larry Jeffus

Welding Processes Handbook By Klas Weman, Weman, Inc NetLibrary


By Bruce Bauerlein

Miscellaneous Tools and Appliances - 1

Wet grindstone

Emery wheel grinder

Engineer's oil can

Pump-type grease gun

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Potential pedal-power could aid Third World

In Rowan University's mechanical engineering department, students' project resulted in the development of a pedal-powered grain crusher. Recently, Heather Klein and Josh Bonzella, senior civil engineers, along with Kevin McGarvey, a senior mechanical engineering major, have teamed with Dr. Beena Sukumaran, a civil and environmental engineering professor to create a pedal-powered grain crusher.

The grain crusher project has been offered to students for the past three semesters, culminating in a completion of a prototype that is expected to be finished during the fall of 2008.

At present villagers either do it by hand or have to walk several miles to get it ground in a mill, where the costs are quite high. A grain crusher helps to grind any grain to flour so that folks can use it for various purposes. The grain crusher that the students have designed can crush barley, rice, wheat, and corn.
By using the crusher, the women who are grinding grain all day by hand, or walking miles away to use a community machine would get a much needed break and would be available to do other things throughout their day.

The professors are now planning to make it popular in developing countries. They said "Bigger plans are expected for the grain crusher, which includes figuring out a way to get the product to other countries. "Well I think if we can get this crusher distributed on a large scale, it will really help these people get the grain they need without straining themselves," McGarvey said. "Plus we are hoping that it will be kind of fun for kids to ride, and just give them something fun to do that is also beneficial to the community," he added.

By doing such projects, students feel as a student itself, I could actually make a difference for someone who actually needs a change in everyday life. It is quite gratifying to be able to make a difference," Bonzella said. If it is successful, the grain crusher can help produce food for residents of Third World countries and enable some people to generate an income as they travel from community to community.

Ph.d Level Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering in UK

For outstanding students from India, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Russia, South Africa and the developing world

Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award in Mechanical Engineering - University of Leeds
April 2, 2008
Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate AwardSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Value of Award: Maintenance Stipend for a maximum period of 3 years (£12,940 for Session 2008/09), full overseas rate fees and a Research Training Support Grant

Number Available: OneClosing

Date: 30 April 2008

Minimum Academic Requirements: A very good first degree (equivalent to a UK first class honours degree) from a prestigious institution (a lower rated BSc with a Masters will not normally be accepted as the equivalent of a UK first class honours degree). Candidates must also meet the University’s English language requirements.

The Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards are a national initiative to bring outstanding students from India, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Russia, South Africa and the developing world to the UK to study for PhD degrees in top-rated research environments.

The eligible countries are those listed in Part 1 on the OECD website: http://www.oecd. org/dataoecd/ 35/9/2488552. pdf

This award is provided by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council ( uk ) and Shell Global Solutions and is available in for a research project in the area of ‘factors affecting combustion of sustainable engine fuels’.

Further information on the background to the Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards Scheme can be found at http://www.rcuk.
Application Forms: Contact Details: Application forms and guidance notes are available from http://www.leeds. schol/dhpa- forms.htm and should be returned to the Scholarships Office, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT
Please contact Professor Chris Sheppard for enquiries about the project area.Email: c.g.w.sheppard@ ukTel: + 44 (0)113 343 2140Fax: +44 (0)113 343 2150
Application forms for research degree study are available at http://www.leeds. appfmweb. doc or online at http://www.leeds. apply_research. htm

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