Friday, March 23, 2012

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Assembly Process

The Optimization of PCB manufacturing by improving the drilling process productivity by Mirca Ancau, Computers and Industrial Engineering, September 2008, pp. 279-294.
Minimizing Cycle Time for PCB Assembly Lines:
An Integer Programming Model
and a Branch-and-Bound Approach
P. Ji Y. F. Wan
Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Information and Management Sciences
Volume 19, Number 2, pp. 237-243, 2008
The problem is formulated into a pure integer programming model with the objective of minimizing the cycle time of the PCB
assembly line. Furthermore, the mathematical model is solved by the branch-and-bound
(B&B) algorithm in order to get the optimal solution. Finally, a numerical example is
presented to illustrate the mathematical model and the B&B algorithm.
Optimizing  PCB design to make it easily manufacturable on today's SMT equipment
Inline Component Placement Inspection: Lowering PCB Assembly Costs with Continuous Quality Improvement
By Bob Kelley and John Weisgerber, GSI Lumonics
PCB Assembly Guidelines for Intersil Wafer Level Chip Scale Package Devices - A technical note is available in  . (4 pages)
An article on redesign of circuit board assembly by Kelvin Cross is in Industrial Engineering Magazine of January 1988. pp. 52 to 56.
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