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Crankshaft Casting, Forging, Machining - Organizations

One of the series of knols on Crankshaft Design and Machining


Alfing Large Crankshafts



Bharat Forge Crankshaft Machining   

Current annual capacity : 650,000 nos.

Current variety : 1 cylinder to 12 cylinder

International customers :
Detroit Diesel Corporation, Daimler Chrysler, Caterpillar, Ford, Cummins, Wuxi, Yuchai, Iveco, Volkswagen, Man, Perkins, General Motors, etc.

Domestic customers :
Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Force Motors, Maruti, Tata Cummins
Accessed on 15.3.2010

Mahindra Forgings Limited, Chakan

3000 MT      12 to 17 Kg     Crankshaft/Stub Axle/Camshaft/Knuckle
5000 MT     18 to 48  Kg    Crankshaft/Stub Axle/Steering Knuckle

Crankshaft Machining

An Overview of the Machining facility ….

The Machining set-up has strong capability and flexibility in-built for manufacturing products like 4 and 3 cylinder high quality crankshafts, Steering Knuckle and connecting rod for a wide range .
Planned capacity is 275 K Crankshafts , 500 K of Steering knuckles , 250 K sets of Connecting Rods.

It is a state of art Crankshaft Machining facility where in there is capability to machine Crankshaft for turbo charger requirements, that is, fillet hardened, as well as naturally aspirated Crankshaft.

In turning module they have Heller Turn-Turn Broach machines for journal and pin turning. These machines facilitate Crankshaft turning with lesser amount of stress induced in the component.

For oil hole drilling operation they  are using Makino Make –HMCs with through coolant solid carbide drills with coolant capacity of 70 Bar pressure, to generate burr-free cleaned oil hole galleries.

For induction hardening they are having 225 KW capacity medium frequency machines, with IGBT and CNC controlled fully automatic operation. These help achieve uniform hardness and consistent case depth. The hardening is followed by continuous flow tempering furnace.

The highlight of the post heat treatment, grinding operations is a new generation CBN Journal grinder that they use for main bearing grinding of Crankshaft at 120 m/sec. The machine gives an output quality of 0.25 micron Ra, surface finish on as ground diameters. This machine is totally CNC control including Dressing with multipoint cup dresser. This facilitates the radius blending with the side wall upto 90% .

All grinding machines are provided with Marposs in-process gauging systems as well as Marposs post process gauging systems for inspection of Crankshafts.

To achieve critical positional tolerances of flange holes and dowel holes we have established Makino-HMC with solid Carbides drills and Taps for consistency.

For post-grinding improvement of geometric tolerances (form correction) and surface finish we have installed a super finishing machine with a capability to deliver 2Rt requirements. This is builtt by an IMPCO, USA licensee in India.

Lastly, the pre-packing cleaning of the cranks is carried out on a Specific Hole and General washing machine, to demanding level of Millipore values.

The Process and allied equipment ensures that at every stage of crankshaft manufacturing, it gets validated, ensuring that highest, stringent quality levels are maintained at all times. The facilities are supported with the central Inspection equipments like ADCOL for roundness checking , Counter measurement system for inspection of fillet radius and surface finish parameters , CMM for detailed dimensional measurement, Surface hardness and Micro Hardness Testers.

The manufacturing process is established for ppk ≥1.67

The facility is run by a highly skilled team of specialist engineers and technical staff, having vast experience in manufacturing, machine building and projects.
Accessed on 15.3.2010


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