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Automotive Body-in-White Design and Manufacturing - Bibliography



Design of Body-in-White

Automotive Body in White

Body-in-White Parts

Generation of Hybrid electric vehicle BIW architecture from a styling envelop
2012 Paper

Strategic materials selection in the automobile body:
Economic opportunities for polymer composite design
Erica R.H. Fuchs *, Frank R. Field, Richard Roth, Randolph E. Kirchain
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
2008 paper

Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave
BIW technology in the new 2007 presentation

Technological Innovations in Body in White Design and Manufacturing of the BMW X6
Markus PfestorfBMW GroupDuane CopelandBMW MCBMWGroup
Alternative materials and their strength discussed in this presentation

The Application of Multiphase Steel in the Body-in-White
Dr.-Ing. Markus Pfestorf

A case study of structural optimization of an automotive biw design
2008, SAE paper

Manufacturing of Body-in-White

Joining Aluminium Sheets in Automotive Industry - 30 year history
2012 January Welding Journal Research Article

Hyundai hmmausa plan - welding body-in-white process short video

A baehelor's report on Body-in-white manufacturing process - 2008 - only literature review is available

Meeting the Challenges of Modern Body-In-White Inspection
Leica Geosystems’ high-speed T-Scan hand scanner assures optimal part fitting

Automating Body-In-White
Modular bodyshop systems automate automotive manufacturing.

New Rapid InfraRed Curing Process - Body-in-White application

Essam Shalash
MS Thesis 1996

Turnkey laser cells for in-line body-in-white applications
U. Widén
Permanova Lasersystem AB, Mölndal, Sweden

Integration of Dimensional Quality and Locator Reliability in Design and Evaluation of
Multi-station Body-In-White Assembly Processes
Yong Chen
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, The University of Iowa
Iowa City,

Vehicle mass reduction opportunities

welding alternatives and cost for BIW
The above material is a part of Basic List - Materials From 3.57- LectNotes Directory of materials selection mit course  3.57 (Materials Selection & Design - Lots of Cost Modeling Information)

Sheet metal assembly - BIW

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