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Springer Handbook of Mechanical Engineering, 2009 - Karl-Heinrich Grote, Erik K. Antonsson - Book Information


Table of contents

(18 chapters)

Introduction to Mathematics for Mechanical Engineering - Esfandiari, Ramin S. Pages 1-33

Mechanics - Yeh, Hen-Geul (et al.) - Pages 35-71

Materials Science and Engineering
Freudenberger, Jens (et al.)
Pages 73-222

Dammel, Frank (et al.)
Pages 223-294

Deters, Ludger
Pages 295-326

Design of Machine Elements
Lelikov, Oleg P.
Pages 327-522

Manufacturing Engineering
Böllinghaus, Thomas (et al.)
Pages 523-785

Measuring and Quality Control
Coello Machado, Norge I. (et al.)
Pages 787-818

Engineering Design
Breiing, Alois (et al.)
Pages 819-877

Piston Machines
Piacenti, Vince (et al.)
Pages 879-945

Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers
Mathur, Ajay
Pages 947-966

Schobeiri, Meinhard T.
Pages 967-1010

Transport Systems
Ahrens, Gritt (et al.)
Pages 1011-1147

Construction Machinery
Budny, Eugeniusz (et al.)
Pages 1149-1266

Enterprise Organization and Operation
Costanzo, Francesco (et al.)
Pages 1267-1359

Power Generation
Kothari, Dwarkadas (et al.)
Pages 1361-1419

Electrical Engineering
Bacha, Seddik (et al.)
Pages 1421-1510

General Tables
Baksi, Stanley

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