Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ultra-Supercritical Coal Power Plants: Materials, Technologies and Optimisation - Dongke Zhang - Book Information 2013

Ultra-Supercritical Coal Power Plants
Materials, Technologies and Optimisation

Edited by Dongke Zhang

Introduction to advanced and ultra-supercritical fossil fuel power plants.

Part 1
Operating environments, materials and engineering of ultra-supercritical coal power plants;
Impacts of steam conditions on plant materials and operation in ultra-supercritical coal power plants; Fuel considerations and burner design for ultra-supercritical power plants;
Materials for boilers operating under supercritical steam conditions;
Boiler design for ultra-supercritical coal power plants.

Part 2
Improving ultra-supercritical coal power plant performance:
Ash fouling, deposition and slagging in ultra-supercritical coal power plants;
Emissions from ultra-supercritical power plants and pollution control measures;
Estimation, management and extension of the life of ultra-supercritical power plants;
An economic and engineering analysis of a 700°C advanced ultra-supercritical pulverized coal power plant;
CO2 capture-ready ultra-supercritical coal power plants.

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