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3D Printing Related Patents - 2001 to 2010

US6538363 *Sep 28, 2001Mar 25, 2003Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric element
US6546305 *Mar 23, 2000Apr 8, 2003Harry Winston Inc.Method and apparatus for jewelry design
US6547995Sep 21, 2001Apr 15, 2003Stratasys, Inc.Melt flow compensation in an extrusion apparatus
US6575218Feb 1, 1999Jun 10, 2003Marshall BurnsMethod and apparatus for automatic fabrication of three dimensional object
US6578596Apr 18, 2001Jun 17, 2003Stratasys, Inc.Apparatus and method for thermoplastic extrusion
US6605795Nov 6, 2000Aug 12, 2003Mts Systems CorporationControl system for depositing powder to a molten puddle
US6622062Jan 18, 2000Sep 16, 20033D Systems, Inc.Method and apparatus for forming three-dimensional objects using line width compensation with small features retention
US6629011Jul 17, 2000Sep 30, 2003Stratasys, Inc.Autoinitialization in a three-dimensional modeling machine
US6640879Sep 10, 2002Nov 4, 2003Gibbs Die Casting Aluminum Co.Semi-solid casting apparatus and method
US6648645Sep 1, 2000Nov 18, 2003Jeneric/Pentron IncorporatedMethod for manufacturing dental restorations
US6652256 *Sep 25, 2001Nov 25, 2003Dorsey D. CoeThree-dimensional model colorization during model construction from computer aided design data
US6660209Aug 6, 2001Dec 9, 20033D Systems, Inc.Selective deposition modeling method and apparatus for forming three-dimensional objects and supports
US6669736Mar 11, 2002Dec 30, 2003Prosthetic Design, Inc.Modular distal plate for rapid manufacturing of a prosthetic limb socket
US6682684Sep 7, 2000Jan 27, 2004Honeywell International Inc.Procedures for rapid build and improved surface characteristics in layered manufacture
US6685866 *Jul 9, 2001Feb 3, 2004Stratasys, Inc.Method and apparatus for three-dimensional modeling
US6696664Apr 1, 2002Feb 24, 2004Mts Systems CorporationPowder feed nozzle for laser welding
US6697694Feb 11, 2003Feb 24, 2004Electronic Materials, L.L.C.Apparatus and method for creating flexible circuits
US6722872 *Jun 23, 2000Apr 20, 2004Stratasys, Inc.High temperature modeling apparatus
US6749414Apr 30, 2001Jun 15, 2004Stratasys, Inc.Extrusion apparatus for three-dimensional modeling
US6776602Feb 27, 2001Aug 17, 2004Stratasys, Inc.Filament cassette and loading system
US6780368Apr 10, 2001Aug 24, 2004Nanotek Instruments, Inc.Layer manufacturing of a multi-material or multi-color 3-D object using electrostatic imaging and lamination
US6795744 *Sep 18, 2002Sep 21, 2004Harry Winston Inc.Method and apparatus for jewelry design
US6814823Sep 15, 2000Nov 9, 2004Solidica, Inc.Object consolidation through sequential material deposition
US6814907Dec 18, 2001Nov 9, 2004Stratasys, Inc.Liquifier pump control in an extrusion apparatus
US6823230Sep 7, 2000Nov 23, 2004Honeywell International Inc.Tool path planning process for component by layered manufacture
US6824714Aug 3, 2000Nov 30, 2004Eos Gmbh Electro Optical SystemsDevice and method for generative production of a three-dimensional object
US6866807Apr 17, 2002Mar 15, 2005Stratasys, Inc.High-precision modeling filament
US6881919Dec 26, 2003Apr 19, 2005Aeromet CorporationPowder feed nozzle for laser welding
US6899777 *Jan 2, 2002May 31, 2005Advanced Ceramics Research, Inc.Continuous fiber reinforced composites and methods, apparatuses, and compositions for making the same
US6907307Jun 13, 2003Jun 14, 20053D Systems, Inc.Support volume calculation for a CAD model
US6923634Dec 15, 2003Aug 2, 2005Stratasys, Inc.Filament loading system in an extrusion apparatus
US6934600Mar 14, 2003Aug 23, 2005Auburn UniversityNanotube fiber reinforced composite materials and method of producing fiber reinforced composites
US6939489Mar 25, 2002Sep 6, 2005Ivoclar Vivadent AgDesktop process for producing dental products by means of 3-dimensional plotting
US6998087May 10, 2004Feb 14, 2006Stratasys, Inc.Extrusion method for three dimensional modeling
US7007821Oct 12, 2004Mar 7, 2006Aylward Enterprises, Inc.Method of delivering pills through a feeder tube
US7029621 *Mar 1, 2002Apr 18, 2006Schroeder Ernest CApparatus and method of fabricating fiber reinforced plastic parts
US7066350Aug 21, 2002Jun 27, 2006Aylward Enterprises, Inc.Feeder tube for filling containers with pills
US7077638Nov 26, 2003Jul 18, 20063D Systems, Inc.Selective deposition modeling method and apparatus for forming three-dimensional objects and supports
US7079914 *Jun 28, 2004Jul 18, 2006Nobel Biocare AbSystem and method for producing a three-dimensional body comprising bone or tissue-compatible material
US7083697Dec 30, 2002Aug 1, 2006Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.Porous spun polymeric structures and method of making same
US7094117Feb 27, 2004Aug 22, 2006Micron Technology, Inc.Electrical contacts with dielectric cores
US7122246Feb 2, 2005Oct 17, 2006Stratasys, Inc.High-precision modeling filament
US7124912Jan 11, 2005Oct 24, 2006Aylward Enterprises, Inc.Feeder tube for filling containers with pills
US7127309Feb 10, 2004Oct 24, 2006Stratasys, Inc.Modeling apparatus with tray substrate
US7162323Oct 6, 2004Jan 9, 2007Hearing Aid Express, Inc.Decentralized method for manufacturing hearing aid devices
US7166196Dec 31, 2002Jan 23, 2007Albany International Corp.Method for manufacturing resin-impregnated endless belt structures for papermaking machines and similar industrial applications and belt
US7169265Dec 31, 2002Jan 30, 2007Albany International Corp.Method for manufacturing resin-impregnated endless belt and a belt for papermaking machines and similar industrial applications
US7169337Dec 19, 2003Jan 30, 2007Stratasys, Inc.Method for loading filament in an extrusion apparatus
US7172715Jun 1, 2004Feb 6, 2007Stratasys, Inc.Filament spool auto-change in a modeling machine
US7189344 *Feb 7, 2002Mar 13, 2007Ivoclar Vivadent AgMethod for producing a synthetic material part
US7220380Oct 14, 2003May 22, 2007Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.System and method for fabricating a three-dimensional metal object using solid free-form fabrication
US7236166Jan 18, 2005Jun 26, 2007Stratasys, Inc.High-resolution rapid manufacturing
US7255821 *Apr 4, 2003Aug 14, 2007Stratasys, Inc.Layered deposition bridge tooling
US7261542Mar 11, 2005Aug 28, 2007Desktop Factory, Inc.Apparatus for three dimensional printing using image layers
US7270528 *May 7, 2002Sep 18, 20073D Systems, Inc.Flash curing in selective deposition modeling
US7291364 *Apr 6, 2001Nov 6, 2007Solid Terrain ModelingHi-resolution three-dimensional imaging apparatus for topographic and 3d models
US7297304Nov 26, 2003Nov 20, 2007Stratasys, Inc.High-temperature modeling method
US7314591Jul 1, 2002Jan 1, 2008Stratasys, Inc.Method for three-dimensional modeling
US7332537Aug 26, 2003Feb 19, 2008Z CorporationThree dimensional printing material system and method
US7374712Aug 8, 2002May 20, 2008Stratasys, Inc.Method for building three-dimensional models from thermoplastic modeling materials
US7403833Apr 3, 2006Jul 22, 2008Stratasys, Inc.Method for optimizing spatial orientations of computer-aided design models
US7435072 *Jun 2, 2003Oct 14, 2008Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.Methods and systems for producing an object through solid freeform fabrication
US7502023May 24, 2007Mar 10, 2009Stratasys, Inc.High-resolution rapid manufacturing
US7534386Nov 15, 2007May 19, 2009Stratasys, Inc.Material and method for three-dimensional modeling
US7550518Feb 28, 2005Jun 23, 2009Z CorporationMethods and compositions for three-dimensional printing of solid objects
US7555357Jan 31, 2006Jun 30, 2009Stratasys, Inc.Method for building three-dimensional objects with extrusion-based layered deposition systems
US7569273May 19, 2004Aug 4, 2009Z CorporationThermoplastic powder material system for appearance models from 3D printing systems
US7604470Apr 3, 2006Oct 20, 2009Stratasys, Inc.Single-motor extrusion head having multiple extrusion lines
US7625198 *Aug 10, 2005Dec 1, 2009Cornell Research Foundation, Inc.Modular fabrication systems and methods
US7625200Dec 1, 2009Stratasys, Inc.Extrusion head for use in extrusion-based layered deposition modeling
US7661541Jul 31, 2006Feb 16, 2010Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.Porous spun polymeric structures and method of making same
US7680555Apr 3, 2006Mar 16, 2010Stratasys, Inc.Auto tip calibration in an extrusion apparatus
US7720243Oct 12, 2006May 18, 2010Synygis, LlcAcoustic enhancement for behind the ear communication devices
US7744364Jun 21, 2007Jun 29, 2010Stratasys, Inc.Extrusion tip cleaning assembly
US7754807 *Jul 26, 2004Jul 13, 2010Stratasys, Inc.Soluble material and process for three-dimensional modeling
US7795349May 24, 2006Sep 14, 2010Z CorporationMaterial systems and methods of three-dimensional printing
US7814862May 12, 2006Oct 19, 2010Canon Kabushiki KaishaMethod of forming structures using drop-on-demand printing
US7815978Aug 15, 2007Oct 19, 2010Albany International Corp.Method for controlling a functional property of an industrial fabric
US7820241 *Mar 21, 2006Oct 26, 2010Eos Gmbh Electro Optical SystemsDevice and method for applying layers of a powder material onto a surface
US7832456Apr 27, 2007Nov 16, 2010Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.Molds and methods of forming molds associated with manufacture of rotary drill bits and other downhole tools
US7832457Oct 19, 2007Nov 16, 2010Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.Molds, downhole tools and methods of forming
US7842145Sep 7, 2005Nov 30, 2010The Boeing CompanyMethod for laying composite tape

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