Monday, June 23, 2008

Bajaj Auto Limited - Achievements in Research and Development

During the last few years, the company’s R&D has been able to set new trends, crack new technology platforms and develop new, segment-defining bikes.

Bajaj owes quite a bit of the success of the two bikes to its in-house R&D’s Digital Twin Spark Ignition (DTS-i) technology. DTS-i technology, was patented.

Bajaj is taking the DTS-i technology to the next level by coupling swirl induction with the digital twin spark ignition system.
The company’s well-accepted twin-spark-plug technology engine now gets offset intake ports and other changes to also incorporate swirl induction that enables better performance during lean air mixture conditions in the combustion chamber.
The DTS-Si engine is likely to be the new technology showcase for Bajaj and could find its way into many more Bajaj bikes of the future.

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