Saturday, August 30, 2008

Design Related Stories

The Autodesk Inventor 3D series helps Hardinge reduce design time by40 per cent to compete in the new low-price band

Like many companies in the manufacturing industry, Hardinge Inc. is affected by the new global economy where exchange rates, competition from foreign markets, the U.S. recession, and the ability to create inexpensive, yet high quality products are critical business challenges. The ma-chine tool industry in which Hardinge competes is highly competitive, particularly the Japanese and German markets. In addition, due to complex nature of the machine tool industry, design times can be long, making it difficult to quickly create a product in response to an immediate opportunity.

The future of CAD driving revolution in three dimensions

3d CAd software will steadily improve engineering productivity by speeding the design process, suggesting options along the way, and identifying problems earlier...

We've witnessed dramatic advances in CAD usability, speed, graphics, 'intelligence,' and automation over the past few years, but even the best 3D mechanical design packages leave plenty of room for improvement. As with every area of computing, 3D mechanical design software still needs to be faster, easier to use, and more useful for communicating with non-engineers.

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John J McEleney is the CEO of SolidWorks Corporation. SolidWorks Corporation (www. develops and markets software for mechanical design, analysis, and product data management. Founded in 1993, SolidWorks' mission is to unleash the power of 3D for everyone in product development and foster a collaborative user community.

Easy optimisation of design

Design Analysis with FEA is a technology that engineers use to simulate the physical behaviour of a design under specific operating conditions. in an exclusive interaction, Rajagopalan Varadarajan, technical Manager, Analysis Products, Asia Pacific Operations, solidWorks Corporation, explains its vital role to P K Chatterjee. Excerpts?

What is Finite Element Analysis or FEA?During the early 1990s, the product development process began evolving from the prototype-test approach to a new product development paradigm that is driven by comput-er-aided design (CAD) technology.

Crossing The Design Challenge Chasm

The role of technology in the design process is increasing by the day. to ensure success, companies need to prioritise development of deep domain expertise and understand the pain areas?

The world of products is becoming increasingly complex. Succeeding in today's competitive product markets requires firms to respond more quickly to changing market demands, to differentiate more product variations for rapidly segmenting markets. Manufacturers have em-barked on continuous product improvement, delivering more features, more innovation, and better looking products all while meet-ing increasingly stringent product quality and supply chain cost targets.

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Ajay Chamania Author: the author is senior Vice president, product engineering services, patni computer systems.

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