Thursday, August 7, 2008

Recent advances in plasticity applications in metal machining

International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials
Issue: Volume 2, Number 3-4 / 2007
Pages: 347 - 360

Recent advances in plasticity applications in metal machining: slip-line models for machining with rounded cutting edge restricted contact grooved tools

Xiqun Wang and I.S. Jawahir

Xiqun Wang,TechSolve, Inc, 6705 Steger Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45237, USA.
I.S. Jawahir, UK Centre for Manufacturing, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky, USA


This paper presents a summary of new findings on plasticity applications in metal machining, primarily covering the recent efforts on developing new slip-line models for machining with restricted contact grooved tools which involve a finite cutting edge radius. Extended application of the initially developed plane-strain, rigid-plastic slip-line fields to take account of strain, strain-rate and temperature effects is shown to provide non-unique solutions for machining with grooved tools which most commonly incorporate geometric features such as a restricted contact and a rounded cutting edge. Predictions of cutting forces, chip thickness, chip up-curl radius, temperatures and flow stresses at the primary shear zone and at the tool-chip interface, etc. are made for a range of input conditions in orthogonal machining. The practical impact of these new findings on tool-wear and cutting tool design are emphasised in this paper.

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