Monday, March 3, 2014

Transmission System Components - Car


Cross Member Frame 1 CDC
Transmission Tremec 5 Speed 1 D&D Performance.
31 Spline - 1330 Driveshaft Yoke D&D Performance.
T-5 Shift Lever C5ZZ 721 T 1 Scott Drake Reproductions
T-5 Shift Knob E7ZZ 7213
T5 1 Scott Drake Reproductions
Shifter Boot C5ZZ 7277
B 1 Scott Drake Reproductions
Shift Boot Retainer - Satin C4ZB 7262
S 1 Scott Drake Reproductions

Cross Member Frame
A crossmember is a structural section, usually of steel, usually boxed, that is bolted across the underside of a monocoque / unibody motor vehicle, to support the internal combustion engine and / or transmission. For the suspension of any car to operate as it should, for proper handling, and to keep the body panels in alignment, the frame has to be strong enough to cope with the loads applied to it. It must not deflect, and it has to have enough torsional strength to resist twisting.

Transmission Tremec 5 Speed



31 Spline - 1330 Driveshaft Yoke

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