Sunday, March 2, 2014

University of California - Irvine - Advanced Manufacturing Choices Course Part 1 - Videos

Marc J. Madou

Lecture 1 Introduction

Recorded on 1 April 2013


The course helps students to bring back advanced manufacturing to USA.

3D Printing

This is the first year we are doing it.


Energy used in manufacturing

Mechanical - cutting
Electrical  - like welding - Electron discharge machining (EDM)
Heat - laser
Chemical - electrochemical machining

Subtractive techniques
Additive techniques

When you are working on materials with diameter less than 100 microns, we use lithography.

1. Difference between serial, batch and continuous processes
2. Relative versus absolute tolerances

Atomic force microscope

only 1292 video views are there. Good lectures but many do not know them.

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