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BHINGE BROTHERS - Ecoflo Pump - Innovation Award

The Firm
Year Established :1988
Products Manufacturing and Exporting : Micro irrigation system

W-62/A, MIDC SATPUR, NASHIK - 422007,

Marico Innovation Foundation announced the 2008 innovation award to Bhinge borthers for Ecoflo pump developed by them.

Ecoflo Pump - only foot operated treadle

This pump was recognized by other organizations also. Plastindia Foundation, presented the Plasticon 2005 Runner up Award for Excellence in contribution to Agriculture to Bhinge Brothers, Nashik . This award has been conferred for outstanding excellence in the development of a Agriculture Treadle Pump with innovative use of reinforced polypropylene for its component, having a capacity of 3000 litres per hour, suitable for small farms and rural areas.

The Basic Treadle Pump consists of two metal cylinders with pistons that are operated by a natural walking motion on two treadles. The pump can be manufactured locally in simple metalworking shops. The treadles and support structure are made of bamboo or other inexpensive, locally available material. It is easily maintained with standard replacement parts available in local markets at a low cost. The efficient step-action operation makes it possible to pump the large volumes of water necessary for irrigation. All household members are able to operate the pump, allowing farmers to make efficient use of family labour. The pump is suited for manually irrigating small land holdings of one hectare or less. The pump's low cost makes it accessible to even very poor farmers who can use it to grow dry-season vegetables for home consumption and for sale.

Since 1985, when some NGOs first began promoting the treadle pump in Bangladesh , about two million treadle pumps have been installed worldwide.

The Ecoflo pump developed by Nashik based M/s Bhinge Brothers, follows the same basic principle of the reciprocating suction pump. The pump manifold and fittings , cylinders and pistons are all made from injection molded engineering thermoplastic – very strong, impact resistant,and low heat deflection, anti ageing and durable properties . The whole unit is designed in such a way that a person weighing 60kg should easily carry the unit, install it at place and then should be able to suck water from a well of upto 25 ft depth and pump it to a level of upto 45 ft. The quantity of the water a person can transfer would however depend on the level – upto 2000 ltrs per hr at the highest level and as much as 5000 ltrs per hr at minimum heads.

Patent application has been filed for this new and innovative pump.

The Ecoflo Pump.
The only pump of its kind ever made.

The best solution for marginal farmers for irrigation of small plots.
The alternate solution to electric pumps.
No operating cost.
Simple effortless Pedalling motion.
Very efficient design to give best results with minimum muscle power.
Total piston, cylinder and manifold assembly made in durable and tough engineering plastic material – very easy to replace if necessary.
Very much portable – weighs only 12kgs can be carried anywhere very easily.
Available in 1.5” and 2” nipples for connecting the inlet and out let pipes.
A man weighing 60 kg can get suction upto 15ft and delivery upto 45ft.
Can easily transfer water 2000- 5000 liters per hr depending upon the suction and delivery height.
Improvised version of this pump made in fabricated GI Steel sheets already in use all over the world- popular mainly for irrigation application.
A must for every progressive farmer for emergency use.
Very reasonable price – keeping the marginal farmer in mind.
Can be used for any other application including construction sites.

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