Monday, March 17, 2008

Milling Machine Videos

Fundamentals of Milling Machine Operation
...with Rudy Kouhoupt
The basics of milling on a vertical milling machine are covered. Included are plans and directions for a project to practice your new skills -- an excellent fly cutter.
(about 120 minutes)

2. Milling Machine
Covers setups and operations, milling, drilling, tapping, boring head, rotary table, and so forth.
Running time: 90 minutes. school/web price: $59.95

3. Introduction to the Mill with videoclips as well as writeup

4. Milling videos 1-4

Advanced skills (tapes four through ten) include use of the lathe and milling machine. The lathe and milling machine are capable of producing parts with a level of precision seldom required in wood, sheet metal and welding shops. The level of skill required for the advanced part of the series is higher and will give you the capability to build protype machines, as well as, make major repairs and new replacement parts for most machines and equipment.
Milling Machine 1
(48 mins)
Axes and transmission
Quill feed
Axis handfeed
Gibb locks
Power feed
Digital readouts
Squaring the head
Squaring the vise
Milling machine tools
Milling Machine 2
(61 mins)
Hex and square collett blocks
Hold-down clamps
Using angle blocks
Drill press vise
Lathe chuck with vise
Double-sided tape
Squaring high-aspect-ratio parts
Right angle attachment
Slitting saw
Rotary table
5-C collett indexer

Milling Machine 3
(42 mins)
Squaring a block
Squaring a plate
Using the edgefinder
Drilling holes

Milling Machine 4
(23 mins)
Reaming holes
Boring holes
Milling a slot
Conventional, climb milling
Cleaning the machine
Machining Skills Video Series
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