Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Automoblie Component Manufacturing Processes

1. Korean Hwashin and Swedish AP&T in successful partnership
A unique press hardening process
for the automotive industry

2.Advanced manufacturing system for automotive
components production
Pacifico Marcello Pelagagge
Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of L’Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy;jsessionid=A2776326F42DAB9E984864B8A7CDC497?Filename=html/Output/Published/EmeraldFullTextArticle/Pdf/0290970806.pdf


VIRTEK OFFERS AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURERS, including first and second tier suppliers, easy-to-use laser systems that focus on their particular manufacturing needs. We work with you every step of the way to integrate our products into your processes to save you time and money, increase your throughput and improve quality.

Marking and Engraving: FOBA Laser Systems
FOBA Laser Systems are available for integration into machinery and manufacturing lines or as stand-alone turnkey units. FOBA systems offer advanced laser technology for any type of marking, engraving, cutting or micro-machining applications requiring speed, accuracy, permanence and the highest quality. FOBA lasers are used widely for lacquer removal (day/night marking).

2D and 3D Laser Templating: Virtek LaserEdge®
Virtek LaserEdge is used to manufacture composite parts for high performance automobiles. The system accurately projects a sequence of composite plies directly onto a 2D or 3D tool in the manufacturing process and projects the exact location and 2D or 3D outline of part placements in an assembly process.

2D and 3D Laser Templating: LaserEdge Planner
PLANNER is a stand-alone software package that works as a CAM package with LaserEdge projection systems to enable your manufacturing engineers to visualize, create, and edit data directly from native CAD models in a virtual 3D environment. This means seeing the designs and editing them in a 3D environment before they go to production. It saves significant time and eliminates errors in automotive production by removing the need for time-consuming shop floor tests.

Laser Inspection: LaserQC®
LaserQC can speed quality control of flat parts that are later formed into components for the automotive industry. It has multiple capabilities:
- 2D Inspection - first article, random sample and 100% inspection
- Inspection Documentation - meet ISO, QS, customer and internal quality reporting requirements
- Statistical Process Control - analyze the inspection results of a series of parts or the performance of machine tools over a specific period of time
- Reverse Engineering - quickly create a CAD file by scanning a part or template


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