Monday, July 14, 2008

Solar Power in India in Numbers

1. 5 lakhs solar laterns. cost of solar intern is Rs.3,600. subsidy 50%.

2. 3.42 home-lighting systems

3. 6,482 villages are using solar power units

4. 6000 solar power pumping water systems

5. 54,000 streetlights and traffic signals.

6. 17 grid solar photovoltaics in eight states generate more than 1,400 MW of power.

7. 2.3 million squaremetres of solar waterheating systems installed in India. Whilethe world has 180 million squaremetres.China has 100 million square metres.

8. Solar water heaters are being used y hotels, hospitals, cooperative societies, and guest houses.

9. Thane is commended for good progress in solar water heating systems installation in buildings.

1. About 7000 homes in Pune housing complex will use solar heating technologies.

Hindustan Times 7th July 2008 page 19

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